Frequently Asked Questions about Wart Lake

Q.   Where IS Wart Lake?
A.   47 09.38N, 084 08.90W.  Or, about 920 (highway & logging road) miles north of Nashville.
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Q.   How many camps are there on Wart Lake?
A.   Twenty.  There is also one cottage and one Wart Lake Hilton.

Q.   Just how many Georges are there on Wart Lake?
A.   Only four now.  Three can drive snowmobiles and one causes D. Smythe to fall off of them.

Q.   Who was the first Bellaire family to build on Wart Lake?
A.   Definitely the Smiths.  The rest just followed us up there.

Q.   What kind of fish are in Wart Lake?
A.   There are NO FISH in Wart Lake.  We go to Spruce Lake to catch all the fish we eat.

Q.   So WHY do people fish on Wart Lake?
A.   Boredom.  When you're not putting up wood, what else is there to do?  Except to go to Spruce Lake to catch fish.

Q.   How many bathtubs are there in Wart Lake?
A.   Operative word here is in.  Only one.  There are at least a couple more at cabins on the lake, but only one in the lake.

Q.   Can Bird legally come to Wart Lake (or enter Canada, for that matter)?
A.   Yes.  He is now “deemed rehabilitated” and they've taken down his picture at the border.
AA.  UPDATE: Bird is again locked out until 2011. If he keeps himself clean they should let him in for our Winter trip in March.

Q.   What's with the name?   WART LAKE?  Too many frogs or what?
A.   Evidence suggests that it was once Wartz Lake (a title board in a film from an old fishing trip showed it this way in the 40's).  The A.Y. Jackson painting from the cliffs was done in 1920, and includes Wartz Lake in its title. Evidently then, at some point an errant mapmaker left off the final "z" and it "became" Wart Lake.

Q.   I've been through the whole site - Where are the sauna pictures?
A.   Right... Like we would ever get the women to come back if we published those.   Not a chance!

Q.   Why do you always bring a lemon when you come to Wart Lake?
A.   Tradition insists that when you cook fish (caught at Spruce Lake, of course) you drink tequila.  Cheap tequila should NOT be used.  But Tradtion INSISTS you have a lemon on hand. (though I guess you could substitute a lime).   And maybe it's Rudy who insists on the tequila.

Q.   Where/what is Toby Lake? Who was it named after?
A.   Toby Lake is at the headwaters of the Limpopo du Nord in the interior of the Big Island. It was named after the only Limpopo native who has made the trek to Wart Lake.
sm, - Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 00:36:19 (EDT)

Q.   Who was the youngest person ever to stay at Wart Lake?
A.   Robert McClelland, he was only 4 weeks old
R G M M, - Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at 15:59:59 (EST)

AA.    New evidence (click on picture) would suggest the youngest person ever to stay on Wart Lake would be Sean Moore.

Q.   How do you get to Wart Lake?
A.   first you take the train to Summit then you get off the train and get in a truck or on an off road vehicle then you travel till you get to the landing at wart lake. Then you take a boat to where ever you want to go or you can travel by truck all the way to the wart lake turn off and walk to the landing and get in a boat go to where ever you want to go.
R G M M, - Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at 19:10:49 (EST)

Q.   Who were the last people to build a camp on Wart Lake?
A.   The Carson Family along with the Tuomi Family in the west bay.
lec, - Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 10:14:36 (EDT)

Q.   can you get a sunburn naked on a dock on Wart lake?
A.   depends on your attire
gl, - Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 17:32:06 (EST)

Q.   When is the next trip for the Smith party scheduled?
A.   Plans are to be on Wart Sunday, March 2, 2008, staying until Saturday the 8th.
AA.  If the train had come we would have left on the 8th, as it was, (see next entry) it was Monday the 10th.
sts, - Saturday, February 09, 2008 at 16:52:43 (EST)

Q.   What is the latest the train has been?
A.   52 hours 15 minutes
RGMM, - Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 17:38:35 (EDT)

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